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Dienstag, 07. November
Jan-Hendrik Kamlage in Straßburg
KWI on Tour: 3rd Participatory Democracy Incubator Meeting
Ort: Straßburg, Frankreich
Veranstalter: Die offene Gesellschaft

Incubator for participatory democracy

The incubator for participatory democracy is based on an alliance of democracy innovators, brought together by the Council of Europe at the World Forum for Democracy. Its purpose is to connect city governments in Europe and beyond with democracy innovators to replicate and scale up democratic innovations. The incubator supports initiatives - digital and offline - that contribute to the redistribution of political power towards citizens, and that support the broadest possible citizen participation in the cities’ decision-making procedures. The incubator builds an open infrastructure to boost democracy for inclusive and innovative cities.

As part of the World Forum for Democracy 2015, the Council of Europe organised a hackathon for the creation of a participatory democracy incubator, assembling experts on democracy innovation and political decision-makers. It gathered 30 experts, researchers, elected representatives from cities, social and democratic innovators, grassroots activists and civil servants. During the collaborative workshop, participants were invited to think of the best ways to support the development of transparent, participative and collaborative democracy.

KWI-Fellow Jan-Hendrik Kamlage holds a keynote presentation and discusses on the basis of background paper "Public Participation and Demmocrativ Innovations: Assesing Democratic Institutions and Processes for Deepening and Increased Public Participation in Political Decision-Making"
To download the paper, please click here.

Programme of the Incubator Meeting:
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The World Forum for democracy is organised by the Council of Europe in partnership with the City of Strasbourg, the Region Grand Est, and the French Government.