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Elisabeth Becker


Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen (KWI)
Goethestraße 31
45128 Essen



Since June 2013 Visiting Fellow of the research area "Interculturality" at the Institute of Advanced Studies in the Humanities (KWI) in Essen

Since 2011 Research Assistant of Professor Jeffrey Alexander at Yale University. Research on multiculturalism in Europe, focusing specifically on Germany and German news.

Since 2011 Consultant at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). Research and analysis on the Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index and USAID ProComida nutrition program in Guatemala.

2009-2011 Senior Research Assistant at IFPRI. Evaluations of government health, poverty, nutrition and social safety-net programs throughout the world (e.g. in Guatemala, Cambodia, South Africa, Zambia and El Salvador).

2009 Master of Science in Latin America Studies, Oxford University; Dissertation: "Women’s Peace and Justice Movements in Latin America: Re-engendering the Political Process Model"

2009 Research Assistant, Young Lives Project. Research on the effects of gender on childhood poverty.

2008 Master of Science in Development Studies, Oxford University; Dissertation: "Language, Social Territory andIdentity: The Role of Grassroots Women’s and Refugee Organizations in Realizing Reconciliation"

2006 BA in Sociology, Cornell University


Religion, Immigration, and Multiculturalism


Case Study Profiles. Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index. Feed the Future: The US Government’s Global Hunger and Food Security Initiative, 2011.

Adato, M., T. Roopnaraine, and E. Becker. “Changing health practices through conditional cash transfer programs: Insights on sociocultural context from ethnographic research in Latin America and Turkey,” Social Science and Medicine, 2010.

Becker, Elisabeth. “The Stage is the World; Women are the Actors: Peace and Justice Movements in Latin America,” Infinity Journal, October 2009.

Becker, Elisabeth, D. Olney, M. Arriola et al. Report of formative research conducted in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala to help inform the health strengthening activities and behavior change communication strategy that will be implemented through Mercy Corps’ PM2A program-PROCOMIDA. Report produced for USAID. 2010.

Adato, M., Roopnaraine, T. et al. Evaluacion de Impacto Externa de la Red Solidaria: Informe de Satisfaccion de Los Usuarios de La Red. Presentado al Fondo de Inversión Social para el Desarrollo Local 16 de septiembre de 2009. Report produced for the government of El Salvador.


Since 2009 Copy editor. Current editorial work for Susana Draper on post-authoritarian Latin America; and for Professor Klaus Van Stotsch, Paderborn University.

2008-2009 Journal Director of STAIR, St. Antony’s International Review

Seit 2006 Freelance Editor for Academic English editing