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Publication series Climate and Culture

Series editors: Carmen Meinert and Claus Leggewie
the Series is published by Brill

Men influence the environment and climate and the consequences are now felt around the globe. National or regional efforts to restrict or at least contain the damage can only be insufficient: in principle environmental and climate protection needs a global concept.
Paradoxically, the way we perceive environmental and climate change and handle damage is closely linked to local or regional patterns of perception. It is these particularistic perceptions that often lead to different, in many instances opposing reactions to preventive and curative environmental and climate protection measures.
This local view is grounded not only in different ways of socio-economic development in different regions of the world, but also in differences in cultural patterns, think, e.g. , of the strongly varying notions of the actual problems at hand, or of different policy styles and politico-social environments. Also, the disturbance of the environment and climate causes relatively rapid social changes, in which the interpretation of symbols for the relationship between man and nature plays an important part. The history of climate and culture, patterns of perception of environmental and climate change and an informed assessment of the future direction of environmental and climate policy in various parts of the world have to be taken into account in order to get to grips with the problem.

From a variety of angles, such as the history of ideas, historiography, the study of civilisation, and the political sciences, the monographs and edited volumes in Climate and Culture will all deal with the following questions:
  • How do local and regional cultures perceive changes in the environment and climate in past and present?
  • How did and do they adjust to them?
  • How do their various representatives and spokesmen introduce their respective views to the global debate and into emerging international negotiating systems?

Planned volumes
Initially, nine peer reviewed area studies will be published in the Climate and Culture series. The first volume on "Nature, the Environment and Climate Change in East Asia", edited by Carmen Meinert, was published in July 2013. Further volumes will be published biannually, continuing with "Climate Change in South and Southeast Asia" (ed. by Barbara Schuler) and "Cultural Dimension of Climate Change and the Environment in North America" (ed. by Bernd Sommer) as well as area studies focusing on Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Pacific Region, Central Asia and Latin America.

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Carmen Meinert (Ed.)
Brill, 2013, 444pp., 128€
ISBN 978-9-0042-3068-2
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